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Books & Cameras for Castro Valley Special Education Students

$480.00 raised
GOAL: $1,493.90

Submitted by Jennifer Muranjan of Castro Valley High School ( Itemized Budget )

These Kindergarten through fourth level books will be used to increase literacy skills for high school students with moderate/severe disabilities. These students are often excluded from academic classes due to their diminished cognitive abilities. These books, which will be kept in the school library, will be another tool SDC teachers can use to expose our students to academic content appropriate for their cognitive level. This will encourage students in SDC classes to check out books at an increased rate like their general education peers.

The digital cameras and accompanying SD cards will also be used to encourage inclusiveness among our students with moderate and moderate/severe disabilities. There are photo and yearbook classes on campus; however, very few students with more severe disabilities are capable of enrolling in these classes because of class times and a lack of social, communication, and safety skills.

The chemicals used in CVHS' dark room are likely to cause life threatening illnesses for students with more severe disabilities. Additionally, only about 1% of students in the moderate/severe programs buy a high school yearbook. Excluding the ID pictures, less than 1% of these students are included in the CVHS yearbook.

“For the last 5 years, this program has created a separate classroom yearbook. All of our yearbook pictures are taken by my instructional aids and the books are assembled by me and my aids. With the addition of digital cameras, our students can learn to take photos and their photos can be included in our classroom yearbooks.”

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